Open Studios again.

After a gap because of Covid shutdowns and when the dealer Anthony Hepworth and Brownsword Hepworth Gallery were responsible for all sales, I’m opening the house for a second time this year as part of the Camberwell Art festival. It will be open on two Sundays only, 26th November and 10th  December between 12pm and 5pm with a largely different selection of work.

World of Interiors

The May 1915 issue  of World of Interiors included a feature on the house in Richmond where Hugh lived and worked, packing every wall and surface in the house with his creations – some 500 in all –  as well as filling the rooms with a mixture of antique furniture and the work of his favourite craftsmen and ceramicists.

The brilliant photographs were taken by Robert Sanderson, a well-known photographer who has done much work for World of Interiors, and the article was by Emma Page. Robert has kindly given permission for a selection of his photographs, including some not in the magazine, to be  shown on this website, so there have been a good many changes and improvements to the As Displayed in Richmond Home page. And a colourful picture of the wall, with brushes, in Hugh’s studio now appears in the About Hugh page.

Finding works for Sale

This website was originally designed to record as many as possible  of Hugh’s 600 odd  works  primarily as a memorial to him, rather than as a means of selling.  Many of the photographs we first had were of works given after his death to  members of the family or friends, or ones I want to keep myself. And now also ones which have already been sold. This means that to identify which are available for sale one must trawl through many which are not.

The facility ,Available for Sale,  to be found in the drop down Menu,  provides a simple way of seeing just those for sale.